Victorious Christian living: Christian Life Coaching and Church Coaching

Truly victorious Christian living is like a continual life makeover to become who God intended you to be and fulfill what God purposed for your life—living with joy, peace and passion as the norm instead of the exception!

Spiritual Wisdom Tailored Actions Real Success

As your Christian Life Coach, I support you in moving beyond Christian self-help to Spirit-helpSM—aligning spiritual wisdom and practical actions tailored to fit your unique person for real spiritual and personal success.

Two are better than one, because they have
a good return for their work.

~ Ecc 4:9

You don't have to settle for just getting by or being a victim of circumstance. Through Jesus Christ, you are a rightful Heir to LifeSM—life that is truly victorious Christian living—right here...right now! You can boldly shed your dingy gray garments of captivity to insecurity, indecision, inconsistency, ineffectiveness and imbalance and confidently wrap your "whole life" in the radiant robes of all God intended for you.

Take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared
for you since the creation of the
world...that which is life indeed.

~ Matt 25:34 NIV, 1 Tim 6:19 NASB

Are you ready to launch a new lifestyle, life's work, ministry or business with God at the center? Or perhaps you are ready to transform how you live your daily life or how your ministry or small business shows up in the world so it's tailored to fit with your true person, purpose and passions.

I facilitate the process for individuals and groups serious about...

I serve churches seeking specialized support to...

  • Guide your members in discovering their calling and best fit ministries,
  • Support women members abiding in the Vine to become and fulfill all God purposed for them,
  • Supplement efforts in discipleship and counseling ministries.

I partner with entrepreneurs, ministries and small businesses in...

  • Weaving together your personal, spiritual and professional vision for balance, fulfillment and "Whole Life" SuccessSM,
  • The creative process of generating original, meaningful personal, ministry or business branding concepts.

I support churches, ministries, community service organizations and businesses to...

  • Implement Blueprint for Life® strategic Christian Life Planning and Life Coaching System
  • Facilitate the process of members identifying their unique God-given calling, setting personalized goals and taking action steps for victorious Christian living in ALL areas of life: Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Financial and Career
  • Provide Christian Life Coaching with motivation, action planning, problem solving and accountability for individuals and groups to fulfill their life purpose in ALL areas of life

I invite you to journey with me to claim all that God willed to you even before you took your first breath. (Ps 139:13-16) Please contact me via email or call 832-729-6317 to request a complimentary exploratory coaching consultation.

Success, success to you, and success to those who help you, for your God will help you.

~ 1 Chr 12:18

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