My Path

My personal mission is to be a voice of truth to inspire Christians in becoming all that God uniquely purposed them to be!

Before walking this path, I earned a degree in Electrical/Telecom Engineering and worked in Network Engineering and Project Management. After working for some time, I was caught in a left vs. right brain tug-of-war. Ultimately, the search for life purpose, authentic self and expression of my passions pulled technical interests tumbling over the line. I transitioned to Leadership Training & Development to focus on my unwavering passion to help transform lives. My satisfaction had increased considerably, but with worsening repetitive motion injuries, I was faced with the decision of whether to have multiple arm surgeries or quit work. I prayed and prayed for the "right" answer, really not wanting to choose. Then a reduction in force beat me to it—same fate, but with severance pay! God is good and His timing is perfect!

I decided not to return to the corporate environment, but rather stay at home to start a family and find a more spiritually fulfilling career path. Some people thought I was mistaken to give up my career after investing years in education; others longed to take the same exciting risk. I sometimes questioned those challenges and choices, but I know now...and God knew then...that if I hadn't been detoured from that road, I may not have taken the time to be still enough to see my authentic "truth-by-design" and hear God's call on my life. I was drawn to become a Christian Life Coach. A Christ-centered coaching approach was in line with my passion to support others in Christian spiritual growth. And with my love for writing, starting my Christian Blog and Newsletter, Spirited InkTM, was a way to share personal spiritual growth from my path to help others on their journey as they look to fulfill God's call on their lives.

I help clients weave together personal vision, spiritual focus and practical actions to develop custom life strategies for achieving lasting results!

I am a graduate of Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs meeting the requirements for accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I have served as Discipleship Coaching Director for Blueprint for Life, developing and managing a Discipleship Coach Training program. I am also a Biblical Counselor trained through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and serve as a member of the and a member of the Christian Coaches Network.

My Christ-centered coaching practice is a natural expression of my God-given abilities and enables me to do what I've always loved to do for people. I seriously devote myself to walking alongside my clients in their journey to spiritual maturity and living the life God destined for them. I named my company Heir to LifeSM because that is how I see my clients and myself—as heirs to an abundant, powerful and fulfilling life...right now!

My Person

I am passionate about inspiring people to make their personal vision as extraordinary as God intended—being and doing more than they ever imagined!

I am naturally skilled at seeing details and identifying problems that others may not notice. My clients benefit from my empathic listening, creative brainstorming, and spiritual and intuitive insights into the heart and soul of matters. My values of excellence and integrity show in my passion to strive for nothing less than the best from and for my clients and myself. My clients know that they can trust me to be easily accessible, give of my whole self, remain judgment-free, and be real in sharing my own journey.

I am excited about all that I am and will become and want to help others live with that same passion everyday!

I was born in California, but raised in southwest Louisiana. I may have missed out on "sea fun", but I sure got lots of "sea food"! I am married with two sons and enjoy creative writing, contemporary Christian music, Sci-Fi movies, and testing the limits of my taste buds with spicy foods. I am the only person I know raised in Louisiana who doesn't know how to cook Cajun food! My perspective...that creates the exciting possibility for hiring a personal chef! Despite culinary challenges (smile), I am getting closer every day to realizing all of my dreams because of my choice to walk the path of continual personal spiritual growth.

If you would like to personally experience life coaching with me or learn more, you may contact me via email or call 832-729-6317 to request a complimentary exploratory coaching session or consultation.

Neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

~ 1 Cor 3:7

To see how I can support you in creating the results you want, you may contact me via email or call 832-729-6317 to request a complimentary exploratory coaching consultation.


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